2018 was a great year for innovation and excellence within Scotland and the sustainability and resource sector as a whole. These awards recognise best practice within the Scottish waste and recycling sector and the prestigious awards dinner is dedicated to recognising the exceptional achievements of organisations and individuals striving for a zero waste society.

See the 2018 winners below

‘Love Your Gadgets’ – a consortium of Falkirk Council, LAMH Recycle, Re-tek, Valpak and XS Resources

With funding supplied by DEFRA’s WEEE Local Project Fund, a consortium comprising of Falkirk Council (Local Authority), Valpak (Provider of Environmental Compliance), Re-tek (ICT Reuse), XS Resources (Third sector organisation) LAMH Recycle (Supported organisation) was set up to increase ICT collections, Provide materials for an Education Centre to raise general awareness of how to responsibly dispose of WEEE, deliver school and community workshops on options for reuse for electronic equipment and collect functional Small Domestic Appliances (SDAs) to distribute to charity groups in the community.
Dundee & Angus College

The management and reduction of waste is a major environmental issue, and this is increasingly evident in respect of food waste and the proliferation of plastics associated with food production and consumption.

Through the development of a clear sustainability strategy and a focus on engaging students and staff, Dundee and Angus College has tackled these issues and delivered a sustainable approach to food waste.

This has achieved through the buy-in of students of staff on the back of a planned sustainability strategy and an on-going focus on the importance of the sustainability message.
Kate Chambers

Kate is a CIWM member, a volunteer with the 2050 Climate Group & an environmental contributor to BBC The Social. She has worked with Vegware for two years, an Edinburgh-based plant-based packaging company & has worked tirelessly to ensure that more compostable materials are sent to the correct treatment facilities. She was integral to the delivery of Close the Loop: a circular economy initiative in action! This service guarantees that compostable packaging is collected with food waste and processed through in-vessel composting. With the global plastics crisis mounting, Kate is driven to find workable solutions and continues this mission as a consultant for Resource Futures.

The innovative Energy and the Bioeconomy (ENBIO) project combines renewable energy and algal manufacturing in a unique and novel collaboration to boost the local economy and overcome grid constraints. Photobioreactors (PBRs) have been developed that use innovative LED technology to produce microalgae. The cultivation systems are highly flexible and available in several sizes for different applications, from research lab work to industrial production. The outcome is a smart approach integrating useful variable loads with local renewable energy generation. ENBIO is a partnership project conceived by ALIenergy and Xanthella, to address multiple issues affecting rural Scotland.
Iain Gulland

Iain is Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland and previously led its predecessor programme, WRAP Scotland. Zero Waste Scotland leads on the delivery of the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy strategy and other low carbon policy priorities, and is at the forefront of efforts to create a resource efficient, circular economy.

Iain has more than 25 years’ experience in sustainable resource management, including initiating recycling systems in the public and third sectors. He is the current President of the Association of Cities and Regions for Sustainable Resource Management (ACR+) and he is a member of a number of Scottish Government strategic groups.
Renewable Parts ltd – Refurbishment Centre

Renewable Parts Ltd. (RPL) has established itself as the leading independent supplier of parts for the UK’s wind turbine industry. Offering specialised inventory logistics and repair management services, the business is uniquely poised to provide customers with non OEM backed aftermarket solutions which boost turbine availability and reduce cost of ownership.

Customers’ pursuit of lower through life costs will inevitably lead them to working with businesses who can innovate to create cost savings. RPL seek to be at the forefront of developing refurbishment engineering where the greatest efficiencies can be gained and parts re-circulated.